Wearing Fully A Corset Here At Night I Put On One To For Twenty Half The Day.

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Letting loose … Madonna in a Jean-Paul Gaultier corset and street style stars. Photograph: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images It may seem an unlikely trend, especially given the current spotlight on feminism, both on and off the catwalk, but this last bastion of fashion is undergoing a very modern retelling. Designers aren’t doing the whole whale-boned thing, but corset belts, T-shirts with corsets overlaid, shirts with corset lacing, or those awful 1990s corset bags we thought were long gone, are very much in. Garments such as Kitri’s lace-up-sleeve shirts are playing with the look, if not the cinching. And today sees the release of Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma collection, complete with pink trousers with laced-up slits down the side, another nod to the corsetry aesthetic. But can the garment ever fully shake off its patriarchal trappings? It seems unlikely. However, as with the reclamation of pink by modern feminism, might it be possible for the symbolism of the corset to be subverted and given a more feminist-friendly narrative?

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