She Can Do Whatever She Would Want To Do In Any Of Her Costumes.

corset training

This Made The Corset To Feel Irritatingly Tight And Induced My Original Stress And Panic Sensation.

However, Corsets Which Were Thumbed When It Comes To Waist Training.

She occasionally tucks her skirt into her waistband so she can freely roam in her bloomers. From the start, Watson didn't want her Belle to be a "corseted, impossible idea of female beauty." So they removed the corset from her iconic yellow ballgown, and replaced it with a flexible bodice. "Nothing she wears is inhibiting," Durran explained. "She can do whatever she would want to do in any of her costumes. She rides a horse." Though active-friendly, the dress is still an intricate and delicate piece—it took 10 people and 238 hours to create. They tested multiple yellow fabrics before finding the right shade, embellished the gown in feathers, gold leaf and glitter, and completed the look with hand-painted 18th century heels (that are comfortable enough to run in), Durran previously told Entertainment Weekly. The team also replaced most of the cage under Belle's voluminous skirt with layers of organza so it was lighter and easier to move in.

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