She Also Insists That It Has Never Hurt As She Has Grown Used To It Over Time.

corset training

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corset training

MailOnline iPad app It gets to a point where I can't lace any further. 'This looks aesthetically pleasing and it's not extreme.' Raquel added that boyfriend, Will Stephenson, also 20, who is studying robotic engineering in Manchester, thinks her corsetry is cool and attractive. She also insists that it has never hurt as she has grown used to it over time. The corsetry fan insists she's able to comfortably able to run around in the tightly laced garment  Raquel in London with her boyfriend Will, who is studying robotic engineering in Manchester, in January 2017 Raquel, wearing a corset not laced up, in 2015. She's since shaved extra inches off her waist through lacing  'It's like wearing new hiking boots – you need to break a corset in like boots,' she said.

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