I First Came To View Corsets As More Than Attractive Additions To My Wardrobe last Year.

corset training


However, Corsets Which Were Thumbed When It Comes To Waist Training.

Tara Moss: "There is a reason the eye is drawn to the silhouette of a corseted form." First there are the proportions, the curved lines. Then the shining busk pins, the pattern of laces, the often sensuous, shining fabric, the contrast of soft curve and rigid boning." There is more to a corset than aesthetics, however, and this is where my real corset story begins. Tara Moss realised that the corsets she loved for aesthetic reasons also performed an important function. I first came to view corsets as more than attractive additions to my wardrobe last year. You see, headaches and back pain have been regular companions to my career as a  novelist and writer  for the past 20 years, in part because of scoliosis (curvature of the spine). After two full decades of wearing corsets for pleasure and fashion, and collecting no less than 12 of them, I experienced yet another of my "writing aches" and laced myself into an old underbust one afternoon. Perhaps I had medical corsets in mind that day (they are often structurally similar) and I unconsciously craved the stiff posture support. Whatever the reason, by the end of that day, I discovered something curious - my neck and upper back felt "lighter." Despite long hours at the keyboard, I was without a discernible headache or neck tension.

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