Corsets Have Gone In And Out Of Fashion For Hundreds Of Years.

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The idea, at first, just seemed crazy to me. We know there’s no such thing as spot reducing. Your body gains and loses fat systemically. Even if it were possible to micro-manage the process, there’s no reason to think that squeezing one section of your anatomy will reduce its size.  But the more I read, and the more stories I saw from people who loved or hated them, the more I wondered if there might be a body-changing mechanism I hadn’t considered. Then I learned that at least one company, Hourglass Angel, also makes waist-cinching products for men. I decided to take a closer look. Corsets have gone in and out of fashion for hundreds of years. Interestingly, their popularity in England coincided with the mass importation of sugar in the 17th century, according to Calories and Corsets: a History of Dieting Over 2,000 Years, by Louise Foxcroft.

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