Jordan.] He Has My Body Down To A Science.

Kim , who also dresses Joan Smalls and Michael B. Jordan.] He has my body down to a science. He brings me a bunch of clothes, we try things on, and we decide what I’m going to wear each week. I always love denim — J Brand and Paige are my favorites, and Levi’s does really good denim jackets. And right now, I’m really into monochromatic stuff.

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Rohr Also Warned That The Products Can Cause skin Irritation And Artery Constriction.

Tisch Center for Women's Health. “As soon as you remove it, the fat goes back to where it was. You’re not going to see any permanent results using the trainer.” Dr. Rohr also warned that the products can cause skin irritation and artery constriction. Little to no research has been done about the side effects of wearing a waist trainer for long periods of time, said Dr.

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