But I Always Needed Someone To Go To The Toilet With Me, When I Was Out, To Pull Them Up Again At The Back.

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"I have bought shaping underwear previously which comes up under your bra. But I always needed someone to go to the toilet with me, when I was out, to pull them up again at the back. "The corset is just amazing. I feel more confident with it on and, as well as flattening my stomach, I think it lifts your bust as well and helps your posture too. Overall you have a better body shape." Alison has seen her weight yo-yo over the years and she did try running a few years ago to keep trim but, for health reasons, had to give it up. Now a size 16 on top and 14 on bottom she says she would have been too self-conscious to wear a figure-hugging dress - until she started wearing a corset.

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