Blac Chyna, A Model With 5.2 Million Followers, Reportedly Charges $2,000 Per Post, And  Promoted A Waist Trainer From Instacurve During The Holiday Season.

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Brands deem Instagram celebrities with scores of followers to have cultural influence, and companies pay them handsomely to promote their products on the social network. Blac Chyna, a model with 5.2 million followers, reportedly charges $2,000 per post, and  promoted a waist trainer from Instacurve during the holiday season. Reality show stars commonly use their Instagram accounts this way, but so do more prominent celebrities: Vogue cover model Gigi Hadid (14.2 million followers) has promoted Maybelline , a company she models for, and pop star Britney Spears (8.5 million followers) has extolled the virtues of Eos  lip balm. “Celebrity influence through social media has been the primary factor” for sales growth, said Ruben Soto, chief executive of Chicago-based waist trainer company Hourglass Angel. The company's sales have nearly tripled in the past two years, Soto said. “It became acceptable to post selfies on Instagram wearing these products after celebrities wore them. They opened the door.” Waist Gang Society, which has more than 333,000 followers on Instagram, said sales have been “increasing steadily over the past two years.” Noticing the success of companies like Hourglass Angel and Waist Gang Society, Atik Motiwala, a former digital marketer based in Florida, started his own waist trainer enterprise, Hourglass Express, about a year ago. “We saw the popularity, and we decided to give it a shot,” he said.  “I had a family member who was trying to purchase a waist trainer and they were out of stock.

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